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Acorn Equity and Acquisitions Multifamily is a private investment company focussed on acquiring value-add multifamily properties.

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Acorn Equity and Acquisitions Multifamily is a privately held real estate investment firm based in Lehi, UT. We spend countless hours analyzing multifamily deals in growing cities. Our goal is to send out 50 offers a year and buy 1-2 deals a quarter. We are very particular about the deals we buy and are willing to walk away from any deal that does not fit our buying parameters and desired returns. We partner with accredited and non-accredited investors to purchase value-add multifamily real estate. After acquisition we execute on our business plan with superb asset management that generates high yield, passive cash flows and equity appreciation. We have a long term perspective investment philosophy with a 30 year business vision! We want to build a long term relationship with our investors, brokers, property managers, tenants and lenders.

How it Works


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While you are on our list we will use our proprietary acquisition strategies to find and negotiate real estate deals across the country. In the meantime feel free to book a call with us for us to get to know you and your investment goals.



Once we get a deal under contract that meets our investment criteria we will send you the information about the deal for you to look over and decide to invest in the deal as a passive limited partner.


We Manage

From analysis, acquisitions, management, renovations, refinance and dispositions we handle it all. We will provide you with monthly updates on the property.


Profit Distributions

We will send you monthly distributions as an investor and return your initial equity investment upon refinance or sale (along with the equity upside)!

Investment Targets


A, B and C class assets

15%+ IRR to our LP’s

15%+ IRR to our LP’s with conservative underwriting


100-400 units

Wise leverage

Wise leverage we take out conservative loans and LTV’s

We pursue markets

We pursue markets with strong macroeconomic tailwinds in TN, GA, KY and UT

Sean Tagge

Meet the Team

Sean Tagge grew up working on his family’s 100 acre fruit orchard in Brigham City, Utah. Working long hard summers growing, harvesting, delivering and selling their produce.

He graduated on scholarship in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Utah. Upon graduating in 2014 he worked at the University of Utah Hospital doing research on artificial hearts. In 2017 he transitioned into his true passion; entrepreneurship.

From 2017-2022 was a partner and the Chief Operating Officer of Memphis Investment Properties. There he managed the day to day operations of acquiring, renovating and selling single family properties in Memphis and Nashville, TN. He used his engineering skills to organize and streamline the systems and processes of the business. He has been involved in over 1500 single family real estate transactions.

He has also done business consulting for a property management company where he facilitated their weekly, quarterly and annual leadership meetings for 4 years. He has additionally consulted for several other Real Estate Investors across the country.

Another investment company he is a partner of since 2020 is Southern States Apartment Group which has acquired over 750 multifamily value add apartment doors. The group has raised over $10M in equity from limited partner accredited investors to acquire these apartments.

He spends most of his time with his beautiful wife and 3 wonderful kids. His hobbies include snow and water skiing, pickleball, hiking and dirt biking. He is currently training to complete his first marathon and with high aspirations to complete a full Ironman race someday.

our previous deal experience

PropertyMarketBuiltAcquisition DateStabilization ValueUnitsStatus
Waring Park FlatsBerclair / Memphis, TN1962March 2019$8,600,00099Sold 7/20/21 56.4% IRR
Shelby Pointe TownhomesWhitehaven / Memphis, TN1973June 2020$9,750,000124Refinanced 74% of Investor Equity Returned
Holmes Pointe ApartmentsWhitehaven / Memphis, TN1966October 2020$9,800,000128Refinanced 80% of Investor Equity Returned
Graceland Pointe ApartmentsWhitehaven / Memphis, TN1964June 2021$13,150,000184Stabilization 90% Occupied
Macon Crossing ApartmentsBerclair / Memphis, TN1969June 2021$6,300,00074Pending Sale at $6.3M ~30%+IRR
Getwell Pointe ApartmentsWhitehaven / Memphis, TN1967Jan 2022$13,250,000175Stabilization 93% Occupied
Easton ApartmentsMadison / Nashville, TN1973Jan 2024$27,200,000206Purchased 1/17/24 Value Add Underway
Flats at NolensvilleSE / Nashville, TN1979Apr 2024$30,300,000205Pending Purcahse 4/12/24

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